Business Segment Manager Guide Michelin (F/H)

Offer published on 2024-06-21
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Boulogne Billancourt, France
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Other Temporary (Fixed Term)

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Business Segment Manager Guide Michelin (F/H)

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Do you want challenges and novelties? Are you passionate about travel, gastronomy, oenology? Does the Michelin Guide is a dream for you? Come and join the Business Lifestyle Line!

Lifestyle Business Line brings personalized experiences in the fields of gastronomy and hospitality. It is part of the dynamic of diversification of the Michelin Group's activities "beyond the tire" and is structured around 5 businesses: Restaurant & Hotel (Michelin Guide), Wine (Robert Parker Wine Advocate), Licensing and Via Michelin.

This entity has passionate employees present in more than 15 countries and an incredible wealth of professions (from developers to marketing, communication, sales, digital, events, finance, progress, inspection...).


Within Lifestyle business line, you will join the Marketing team whose main mission is:

Embody our clients to inspire and guide teams on a profitable, sustainable & scalable playground thanks to a desirable product.

Which means:

  • Define the marketing strategy for all the businesses in the Lifestyle Business Line.
  • Understand and engage our customers (B2C, B2Pro, B2B, B2A) in a long-term relationship.
  • Create, develop & adapt offers at a global level by integrating customer needs (B2C, B2Pro, B2B, B2A) and market opportunities, ensuring their scalability and a good level of profitability.
  • Be in support of all our businesses, regions and transversal teams.



In a context of deep transformation of the LB Lifestyle, you will be in charge of supporting the Marketing Director and the Head of Marketing Sponsorphip in the creation, deployment and management of marketing offers for international partners (private companies in various business segments -B2B- or institutional structure/administrations –B2A), in a customer-centric approach (B2B, B2A and B2C).

You will also support the international expansion, to always ensure our business and customer positioning. 


International scope which covers 4 regions of the LB Lifestyle (China Mainland, Asia excluding China Mainland, Americas and Europe).

Michelin Guide Restaurant businesses of the LB Lifestyle


Marketing offers

  • At the heart of the marketing activity, you will participate in the management of standard offers, by ensuring with Sales and Project Managers that the deployment (selling and execution) of our offer fits to our quality requirement, by adjusting the price and by providing KPI’s.
  • You will be responsible for the marketing materials associated to these offers, as well as for the regular update of the marketing catalog to ensure a good deployment of Salesforce and the S&OP Process within the Sales and Operation Teams in regions.
  • You will help the Offer-to-Market creation and deployment.
  • You will collect & analyze client’s insights to identify new business opportunities.
  • You will support the creation of new scalable offers that meet customer needs while ensuring a good level of profitability.
  • You will ensure the correct deployment of the new offers in regions.

Sales support - in collaboration with the regional marketing managers’ network

  • You will guide the sales team to build their Access Strategy and Go-to-Market by giving them strong marketing orientations.
  • You will help the sales team to create the client proposals based on the standard offers and pricing, aligned with our premium positioning and answering our client’s needs.
  • You will support the sales team in client meetings.

Marketing projects - in collaboration with the regional marketing managers’ network

  • You will support marketing projects necessary for the deployment of the department's business strategy and global mission.


Professional skills

  • Customer centricity
  • Operational Marketing
  • Offer design
  • Project Management
  • Analysis and recommendation
  • B2B marketing
  • Previous professionnal experience in Food & Beverage industry is a plus.

Behavioral skills

  • Team spirit
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Responsiveness and agility
  • Pragmatism
  • Organizational capacity
  • International openness
  • Rigor and requirement


  • English
  • French

Job based in Boulogne -Billancourt

Package : 47 to 63k€ + bonus depending on profile and experience

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Michelin, entreprise engagée dans la mobilité durable et reconnue pour ses actions en faveur de l'expérience employé !

  • Une note de 99/100 à l’index de l’égalité femmes-hommes
  • Entreprise « Handi accueillante », avec un réseau de référents et ambassadeurs Handicap pour vous accompagner
  • 83,5% de taux d’engagement de nos employés
  • 94,6% des stagiaires et alternants nous recommandent, label "Happy Trainees" depuis 9 années consécutives
  • Classé parmi les groupes du CAC 40 les plus engagés selon les Bac+5 à l’index RSE Universum 2023
  • Parmi les 100 entreprises les plus attractives pour les étudiants et actifs BAC+2/3 au classement Universum 2023
  • N°1 des entreprises de plus de 500 stagiaires et alternants qui rémunèrent le mieux au Classement HappyTrainees® Rémunération 2023
  • Dans le Top 10 des meilleurs employeurs en France au classement Glassdoor 2023
  • Dans le top 3 des entreprises du secteur « Automobile / Equipementier » en matière d’attractivité employeur à l’édition 2024 du Palmarès @EPOKA @GROUPE IFOP @Occurrence

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