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In the Michelin Group we recruit around 9,000 new employees from 180 different countries every year - would you like to be one of them?

How to apply at Michelin

Have you found a suitable position? Here you will find detailed information about the respective steps of our application process & the onboarding phase. Still have questions? Then get in touch with our recruiting team directly.

Authenticity wins

Your personality - that's what matters most to us. Think about what you personally can add to your new job, how your past has shaped you and how you see your development within the company. Be authentic, be brief, and use examples to support your arguments.


Our selection process is based on personal interviews. Depending on the position, you will also go through a one-day assessment center. As part of the application process, you will exchange ideas with managers and employees and thus receive a holistic picture of Michelin as an employer. We don't just hire our employees for a job, but for a varied career. That's why we also ask about your interests, strengths and professional goals, perhaps about the position to be filled, in order to be able to show you exactly your various development opportunities.


On your first day at work, the HR department or your direct manager will greet you. You get to know your colleagues, we set up your workplace together and you get a tour of your location. As part of your individual induction program, you will get to know the company intensively and begin to build up your own network. A part of the onboarding program is the "Welcome Day". In addition to a welcome workshops and maybe visiting an industry side, you will explore our strategy, our values ​​and already gain practical knowledge about our core product, the tyre, as well as important information about our commitment beyond the tyre.


The induction, training and further education of all employees are the fundamental lever for the success of our company. For effective training, you benefit from training sessions of different durations and intensities. Depending on your level of responsibility and your job, you will take part in training courses inside and outside the company. The events can also take place abroad, e.g. at our company headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, in France. This content will be taught to you during your induction, among other things:

  • Safety and quality standards

  • History, culture and values ​​of the Michelin Group

  • Mission, strategies and goals

  • Getting to know the tire manufacturing process on site (optional)

  • Information on the remuneration system and our social benefits

  • Your development and training opportunities

  • Further specific training and courses that prepare you for your role

  • As a manager, you will also go through a training program lasting several weeks in order to get to know our management culture intensively.

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