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CAREER PLANNING Supported by your manager and your HR development partner, you as an employee build up your individual development path and drive it forward proactively.

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT Take advantage of every training and development opportunity offered by the company and make suggestions to your manager about how you could acquire new skills yourself. As part of the "continuous feedback session" you will then update your personal training plan together.

COMMITMENT & RESPONSIBILITY Clear results (KPIs) are defined for each position. So you know exactly what contribution you are making to the progress of the company. At all levels, Michelin increases the autonomy of individuals and teams. This means that everyone can actively contribute and drive progress.

THE QUALITY OF LIFE AT WORK Good working conditions favor the development of each individual. Michelin offers you customized solutions according to your needs and the specificities of each country: Be it telework, flexible working time models, support with childcare (daycare place), medical care, sports and health programs, advice in special life situations, etc. In this way, you can ideally reconcile work and private life. Talk to your manager or your development partner.

REMUNERATION & SOCIAL BENEFITS Fair and equal remuneration management is applied, adapted to the level of responsibility and the performance of the employees. Michelin also offers you and your family a wide range of social benefits. For example, you can save part of your pay, holiday or overtime hours to take a sabbatical or retire earlier.

Other services you can benefit from:
- Employer-funded pension - Employee shares - Personal tires - Health and prevention programs - Sports and hobby groups ... and many other services